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Passenger Elevators / Lifts
To move people from one floor to another in tall structures, Passenger Elevators/Lifts are offered by us. These are available with and without machine rooms. The lifts have huge capacity and can withstand heavy load.

Lift Services
Lift Services like modernization and installation are provided by us. Our personnel ensure proper working of lifts after their installation and timely maintenance is also provided to enhance their service life.

Passenger Escalators
Electrically driven Passenger Escalators are what we are providing to our valuable customers. These are utilized for moving passengers up and down. The Escalators are used in malls, stations and many other commercial places.
Chair Lift/ Stair Lift
To move people up and down shot vertical distances, Chair lift or stair lift is provided from our end.  It moves along the stair rail and offers accurate installation for assuring its safe utilization.

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